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C Programming: A Modern Approach (Second Edition)

Cover of C Programming: A Modern Approach (Second Edition)

K. N. King
Georgia State University

ISBN-10: 0-393-97950-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-393-97950-3
832 pages
April 2008

Where to Get a Copy: The new edition is available at online bookstores worldwide, including the following Amazon sites: (U.S.) (Canada) (Germany) (France) (Japan) (U.K.)

With so many C programming textbooks to choose from, it can be hard to find one that's engaging and readable. The first edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach was a hit with instructors and students alike because of its clarity and comprehensiveness as well as its trademark Q&A sections. The book's spiral approach made the first edition accessible to a broad range of readers, from beginners to more advanced students. The first edition was used at over 225 colleges, making it one of the leading C textbooks of the last ten years. It was also popular among software developers, engineers, and other professionals who use C on the job.

Features of the Second Edition

  • Complete coverage of both the C89 standard and the C99 standard, with all C99 changes clearly marked
  • Includes a quick reference to all C89 and C99 library functions
  • Expanded coverage of GCC
  • New coverage of abstract data types
  • Expanded coverage of international features
  • Updated to reflect today's CPUs and operating systems
  • 60% more exercises and programming projects
  • Solutions to one-third of the exercises and programming projects available to all readers at this web site
  • Password-protected instructor resource site containing solutions to the remaining exercises and projects as well as PowerPoint presentations for most chapters

Reviews of the Second Edition

What Readers Are Saying
  • "KNK is now the logical heir to K&R ... In short, get this book."
  • "By far the most thorough, accurate, and carefully thought out book on C I have ever read, possibly even the best programming book I have read."
  • "Your book is wonderful and marvelous."
  • "It was the best textbook I have ever read."
  • "Thank you for writing a great text. I find it fun, challenging and yet easy to read."
  • "I wish all computer text books were this good!"
  • "Many of the concepts that I have been struggling to comprehend through other books are all now so crystal-clear to me."
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Praise for the First Edition

I assign C Programming to first-year engineering students. It is concise, clear, accessible to the beginner, and yet also covers all aspects of the language. —Professor Markus Bussmann, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

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