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C Programming: A Modern Approach


"A few years ago, I decided to switch from Fortran (which I had used for over 20 years) to C. I purchased about a dozen different books purporting to explain how to use the C language. Most were densely unreadable, few had a usable index, and some were riddled with errors. Now comes the book I really wanted... It is apparent that this book was written by someone who has spent time teaching the subject. The writing style is entertaining and clear. There are many good examples... Best of all, the index takes you right to the part of the book you need—it is not too sparse, and it is not cluttered with irrelevant references. The first time I picked up this book I quickly found the solution to a file-reading bug which had perplexed me for months. I am placing this book at the top of my heap of programming texts, and I am recommending it to all of my programming colleagues." —Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (September/October 1996)

"... this book will be well received because of its unique approach to the presentation of the material; it is full of examples and insights. King does not stop—as many others do—in merely explaining how the C programming language works. His well-written and well-organized book is full of advice and explanations of best practices in how to use the language most effectively. One of the most welcome aspects is that King identifies C programming 'idioms,' explains when the idioms are applicable, and shows why they are useful. The book is aimed at people with no prior programming experience, yet it is quite comprehensive in its treatment of the majority of C programming concepts. It is up-to-date in that it also covers the information needed by a C programmer in using the standard C library..." —Choice (September 1996)

"The exceptional value of the book lies in the fact that the material is well structured and is made accessible to anyone with minimal programming experience, to those unfamiliar with C, and even to those who do not know any programming language... The book accomplishes the author's stated goal of making it the ideal classroom textbook with examples... Reading this book was extremely useful, both because I have discovered new things in it and, first and foremost, because it has helped me to restructure my knowledge of C." —Computing Reviews (February 1997)

"The author's goal is to provide a one-source C programming guide for beginning and advanced programmers alike; his book achieves this goal. The text is informative for any reader, regardless of level of expertise... easy to understand for the neophyte, yet an intermediate programmer will be surprised at how many new things he or she will learn by reading this book... the text is clear and understandable... Complex concepts are well explained. A beginning programmer can start from scratch and learn the intricacies of C using this book... Usable for a wide range of skill levels... Beginners can progress step-by-step through the excellent examples at a comfortable pace... More advanced programmers can also benefit... by paying particular attention to the Question and Answer portion of each chapter. In this Q and A section, King masterfully addresses advanced topics... Another strength of the book is King's introduction to the next step in programming, C++... Overall, this book is an excellent text. It would fit well in any undergraduate programming course for beginning through advanced C programming. It could also be used by anyone who wishes to learn the language on his or her own... King provides a section on the Standard C Library and appendices that contain all of the necessary tools to get the most out of C. The inclusion of this material makes the text a one-source reference book as well. The book contains many excellent examples of source code that clearly demonstrate how C works." —Mathematics and Computer Education (Fall 1998)


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