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C Programming: A Modern Approach (Second Edition)


For a list of suggested improvements, click here. To report errors or make suggestions, please email me.

Errors to be corrected in a future printing

Page 10. On line 14, "The only line inside main" should be "The first line inside main". (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 26. The sentence at the beginning of the last paragraph reads "Because of C's case-sensitivity, keywords must appear in programs exactly as shown in Table 2.1, with all letters in lower case." The following sentence should appear immediately after it: "(The C99 keywords _Bool, _Complex, and _Imaginary are exceptions to this rule.)" (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 30. The invocation of gcc in the middle of the page contains both -ansi and -std=c99. These options are conflicting, since -ansi is equivalent to -std=c89. The -ansi option should be removed. (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 48. On line 10, "In this case, the value of i is undefined" should be "In this case, no value is stored into i". (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 50. In Programming Project 4, "" should be "". (Found by Seth Koehler.)

Page 70. In Exercise 12, "jare" should be "j are". (Found by Tally Osborne.)

Page 217. In Programming Project 5, the element type of the magic_square parameter in the prototypes for create_magic_square and print_magic_square should be int rather than char. This error occurs in four places. (Found by Bryan Krofchok.)

Page 240. On line 4, "4 rows" should be "3 rows" and "four characters" should be "three characters." (Found by Bryan Krofchok.)

Page 330. In Table 14.2 and twice in the paragraph that follows it, __STDC__HOSTED__ should be __STDC_HOSTED__. Also, __STDC__VERSION__ should be __STDC_VERSION__ in the table and in the last paragraph on the page. (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 423. The sentence after the second figure states that "There are no pointers to the first block (shaded)" but the shading is missing from this block. (Found by Rob Gamble.)

Page 444. On the fourth line from the bottom, "which also in <math.h>" should be "which is also in <math.h>".

Page 514. In the second paragraph under the "Retrieving a bit-field" heading, "at the right end of of i" should be "at the right end of i".


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