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C Programming: A Modern Approach

Cover of C Programming: A Modern Approach

K. N. King
Georgia State University

ISBN 0-393-96945-2
661 pages

NOTE: This is an older edition. The second edition was published in 2008.

You've never seen a C book like this before: packed with useful information and examples, yet highly readable. Everyone from beginner to expert can profit from reading C Programming: A Modern Approach.

Reviews on the Web

ACCU (Association of C & C++ Users)  Recommended
EDM/2, an electronic magazine for OS/2 developers  A+

Published Reviews


 Excerpt (click to see more)
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (September/October 1996) "I am placing this book at the top of my heap of programming texts, and I am recommending it to all of my programming colleagues."
Choice (September 1996) "... full of examples and insights ... well-written and well-organized ..."
Computing Reviews (February 1997) "... exceptional value ... extremely useful ... it has helped me to restructure my knowledge of C."
Mathematics and Computer Education (Fall 1998) "... informative for any reader, regardless of level of expertise ... Complex concepts are well explained ... excellent examples ... masterfully addresses advanced topics ... an excellent text [and] a one-source reference book as well ..."

C Programming: A Modern Approach is also listed as a recommended book in the comp.lang.c FAQ list and the alt.comp.lang.learn.c-c++ FAQ list.

If you're still not convinced that C Programming: A Modern Approach should be on every C programmer's bookshelf, take a look at the many comments from readers.

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