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The books listed below cover Java's Swing library, which is used for building graphical user interfaces. If you have a book to recommend, please email me.

Cover of Graphic Java 2, Volume 2

Graphic Java 2: Mastering the JFC, Volume II: Swing
D. M. Geary
Prentice-Hall, 1999

The second volume of Geary's monumental Graphic Java series covers Swing. Over 1600 pages of detailed discussions and excellent examples make this the book that every Swing developer must have.

Cover of Swing

Swing, Second Edition
M. Robinson and P. Vorobiev
Manning, 2003

Aimed at experienced Swing developers, this advanced book would make a good sequel to the beginner's tutorial by Walrath and Campione (see below).

Cover of The JFC Swing Tutorial

The JFC Swing Tutorial: A Guide to Constructing GUIs
K. Walrath and M. Campione
Addison-Wesley, 1999

Sun's "official" Swing tutorial in book form. An HTML version is available at Sun's web site. The second edition of this book is due out in 2004, so check to see if it's available before buying.

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