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Java Programming
This page lists my favorite links having to do with Java programming. If you know of a link that I should add to this page, please email me.


Sun Microsystems — The mother of all Java sites, by the folks who brought you Java. Here you can download the Java Development Kit (or Java 2 Software Development Kit, Standard Edition, as it's now known), browse documentation, and read the latest news about Java. Here are direct links to some important parts of the site.

Java Language Specification
Java Tutorial
The Swing Connection

And, for your convenience, here are links that you can use to download various versions of the SDK and view the associated API specification.

Download SDK: 1.3 1.4
View API specification: 1.3 1.4

Older versions of the JDK and SDK can be found in the Downloads Archive.

Gamelan — Gamelan started out as a repository for cool Java applets, but it's since grown into an extensive general-purpose resource for Java programmers. (It still has plenty of cool applets, though!) — Similar to Gamelan (both are owned by EarthWeb), but with a focus on rating applets (and applications).
Java FAQ — This list of frequently asked questions is maintained by Peter van der Linden, author of Just Java. Highly recommended.
Java Guru — A general-purpose Java web site, with answers to frequently asked questions, discussion forums, downloads, articles, and news.
Javalobby — An organization that represents the Java developer and user community. If you're a Java fan, you ought to join.
JavaRanch — A friendly (albeit folksy) site aimed at Java beginners. Here you'll find articles with whimsical titles ("Getting in Touch with Your Inner Class" and "How I Taught My Dog Polymorphism" are examples). Also has discussion forums, a Java certification exam simulator, book reviews, code samples, programming exercises, recruiter directory, and more. — A news source and commmunity for developers using the Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

Developer Tools
Borland — Borland is a long-time supplier of developer tools, starting with Turbo Pascal back in the 80s. Their JBuilder tool is one of the leading Java development environments.
Eclipse — Eclipse is an open extensible IDE that supports Java (and other languages as well). It is very popular and—best of all—can be downloaded for free.
IBM — IBM has long been a supporter of Java. Visit their Web site to learn more about IBM's VisualAge tool and other Java products.
Metrowerks — Metrowerks sells the popular CodeWarrior IDE for the Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Oracle — Java is coming on strong in the database arena, thanks in part to strong support from Oracle. Visit this web site to learn more about Oracle's JDeveloper.
Sun Microsystems — Sun Java Studio (formerly Sun ONE Studio) is Sun's own IDE. It runs on Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Java Developer's Journal — One of two print-based magazines on Java.
Java Pro — Another print magazine.
JavaWorld — A Web-based magazine devoted to Java. Updated frequently, so it's a good source for news.


Most programming languages have one or two newsgroups; Java has over a dozen. Here are links to the most important ones.

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