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This page lists my favorite links having to do with programming in general. If you know of a link that I should add to this page, please email me.

Association of C & C++ Users — ACCU is a non-profit group based in the U.K. for users of C, C++ and Java. The best part of the site is the extensive set of book reviews. My C book is reviewed there, although they seem to have lost the review copy of my Java book that was sent to them.
Electronic Review of Computer Books — A good place to read reviews of programming books before you buy. Contains reviews from Dr. Dobb's Journal and elsewhere, as well as links to reviews on the Web (including some that I've written).

Google Groups — One of the best ways to find answers to programming questions is to search the Usenet newsgroups using the Google Groups search engine. If you have a question, it's likely that someone else has already asked the question on a newsgroup and the answer has been posted. Here's a link to Google for your convenience. Just enter a few appropriate keywords and see what's been posted recently.

Google Groups

Slashdot — A leading web site for hard-core coders. Or, as the site labels itself, "News for nerds, stuff that matters." This site is one of many that belong to, the Open Source Development Network.
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years — Peter Norvig, the co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, explains the fallacy of books with titles such as "Learn ... in ... Days." He concludes that "either people are in a big rush to learn about computers, or ... computers are somehow fabulously easier to learn than anything else. There are no books on how to learn Beethoven, or Quantum Physics, or even Dog Grooming in a few days."
ThinkGeek — Another web site, this one specializing in selling "geek stuff." Here's where to find those programmer-oriented T-shirts and coffee mugs that your local gift shop doesn't seem to carry, as well as more exotic stuff such as "Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap."

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