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Cover of Modula-2: A Complete Guide

K. N. King
Georgia State University

ISBN 0-669-11091-4
656 pages

Comments from Reviewers

"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who programmed in Pascal-like languages and wished to learn Modula-2." —Richard E. Pattis, University of Washington

"Highly recommended as a Modula-2 reference." —Stan Osborne, San Francisco State University

"This book will be an excellent reference work for Modula-2." —Dr. Albert L. Crawford, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

"Kim King's book leaves me both dejected and thankful—gloomy that now I can't write the first Modula-2 reference to explain the language's ideas simply, carefully, and completely; grateful that now I don't have to. King clearly has worked to satisfy his own curiosity along with the reader's; he has put in the effort it takes to explain the purpose, and not just the syntax, of Modula-2's features. His book is an outstanding, exceptionally conscientious piece of work." —Doug Cooper, author of Oh! Pascal!

About the Book

Modula-2: A Complete Guide is both a comprehensive Modula-2 reference and a text for learning Modula-2. The only background required of the reader is experience writing programs in a structured, high-level language such as Pascal, PL/l, Ada, or C.

The text covers all of Modula-2's features in detail, with particular emphasis on the language's advanced features, including modules, low-level features, coroutines, and interrupt handling. Two entire chapters are devoted to modules, the key feature of Modula-2. Numerous examples—including a string-handling module and a character set module—illustrate the proper use of modules. Object-oriented design is introduced and illustrated by a detailed example. Low-level examples include a screen module, a device driver for the IBM PC keyboard, and an interrupt-driven scheduler.

Other features include:

  • Detailed, point-by-point comparisons of Modula-2 with Standard Pascal
  • Coverage of both major versions of Modula-2 (as defined in the Second and Third Editions of Niklaus Wirth's Programming in Modula-2)
  • A description of Modula-2's syntax using both EBNF and syntax charts
  • A glossary of Modula-2 terms
  • An extensive bibliography of books and articles about Modula-2
  • A list of currently available Modula-2 compilers
  • Over 180 exercises, with answers to selected exercises at the end of the book
  • A detailed index

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