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Java Programming: From the Beginning

Information for Instructors

Examination Copies

College faculty: To request an examination copy, either contact your Norton sales representative, visit the publisher's web site, or call (800) 233-4830 and press 4.

High school teachers (U.S. only): To request an examination copy, contact Catherine Licata at Peoples Publishing Group. Her email address is Canadian high school teachers should contact Norton as described above.

Instructor Resource Site

A number of resources have been prepared for instructors who adopt Java Programming: From the Beginning, including teaching notes, PowerPoint presentations, solutions to selected exercises and programming projects, additional programming projects, test questions (with answers), and technical updates. These resources are located at a special password-protected Web site. If you're interested in obtaining access to this Web site, please email the following information: Your name, title, and institution; the course number and title; when the course will be taught; and the anticipated enrollment. In addition, please indicate whether you have already adopted the book or are considering it for possible adoption.

Once you have a user name and password, click here to access the instructor resource site.


If it is inconvenient to have students download materials from the web, you can order Java Programming: From the Beginning bundled with a Java programming tools CD-ROM.

Contents of the CD:

  • The jpb package
  • All programs from the text
  • Borland's JBuilder Foundation
  • 60-day trial version of Borland's JBuilder Professional

The price of the bundle is only a few dollars more than the price of the book alone. To obtain the bundle (Java Programming: From the Beginning plus CD), be sure to specify ISBN 0-393-94814-5 when placing your book order.

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