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Java Programming: From the Beginning

Comments by Instructors and Readers

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Comments by Instructors

The explanations are clear, the examples are not overwhelming, and I found answers to questions that I have spent countless hours trying to figure out or locate. Kudos to you for a well-written book. —Sandra Madison, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Your book is great. I am very pleased with it. I have read several Java books. Java Programming: From the Beginning is definitely the best textbook that I have run into. I highly recommend it.—Miguel A. Jimenez, Valencia Community College
I received a complimentary copy of the book today and just had to quickly page through it. The book is great! Congratulations with a terrific book!!—Serita Ribeiro, Vaal Triangle Technikon, South Africa
I have adopted your book since I was immediately impressed with the style of presentation and its clear explanations. It is genuinely the best book I have come across so far on the subject.—David Howse, Walsall College, England
I just finished teaching my first Java Programming class with your book. It was the best class that I have had yet. Everything worked out perfectly.—Adam Esterline, Center for the Application of Information Technology, Washington University
Thank you for the time and effort that you put into writing the book. I evaluated several books for the course and was excited to find your book. It is excellent and meets my requirement for providing the students with a good start to Java.
I spent all of last week working with your book and I am extremely pleased with your material. It is the exact foundation that I was hoping to have for my course. I am very grateful for the work that you did in writing the book.—Barb Brenner, contract technical trainer

I am impressed with your book after reading two chapters. Nice work! Thanks for the login and password. Powerpoint presentations...WOW!! These look great!—Brad Yourth, St. Petersburg College
Lively Technical Center in Tallahassee, Florida adopted your Java Programming book last year. We have had excellent results.—Lea Anna Davis, Lively Technical Center
I have purchased your book Java Programming: From the Beginning to teach high school teachers in the Abilene, Texas area this summer. I purchased three other books, but yours is by far the most comprehensive and easiest to learn from.—Linda Blaydes, educational technology consultant
This is a great book, and I have been enjoying learning from it. Thanks! I'm teaching myself Java and have found your book to be very readable and instructive.—Robert Talbert, Franklin College
After reviewing many books, I found Java Programming: From the Beginning to be the best at presenting the material in a methodical sequence. Thanks!—Karen Buras, St. Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas
I received a complimentary review copy of Java Programming: From the Beginning at an AP Computer Science workshop at Texas Lutheran University this past summer (one of about 7 or 8 texts I received). I am just now finishing my review of the text and I must say...I absolutely love the book.

I think your book is the very best I have seen for beginners in Java...absolutely outstanding. I have shown my evaluation copy (from the summer AP institute) to a couple of my kids and they immediately liked it...with comments like "wow, that makes it so clear...".—Patrick Pence, Carroll Senior High School, Southlake, Texas

I've reviewed several popular texts, including those listed in theAP guide, and find your text probably the most comprehensible for high school computer science students who do not have an extensive background in computer technology other than applications. Your writing is concise, clear, and does not assume a great deal of previous knowledge from the reader.—Mike Martin, Cherokee ISD, Cherokee, Texas

Comments by Readers

Please accept my compliments on a well written book. It is easy to read and understand, especially for a COBOL mainframe programmer like me. Not only I'm learning Java, but also the concept of classes and objects.—C. F. Claudio

After reading your book Java Programming: From the Beginning, I would like to say that this is THE BEST book on Java I have ever seen. Your book is precise, concise, and to the point—just the way I like it. A lot of books spend enormous amount of time beating around the bush, as if they are afraid to point out the essence of a topic. Not so in your book. You deliver the goods in the most efficient way. You must have spent a lot of time thinking about how to address the topics. As a result, I went to buy your book on C. I was not disappointed. I found the same efficient style of writing.

Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your future books!—William Hwang, University of Rochester

I'm a 65 year old electrical engineer (Class of '62, University of Michigan) who's trying to keep my mind working. A few months ago I decided to learn Java... This last weekend I decided to go to Borders bookstore here in San Antonio Texas and look and see if there were new books in Java. No sooner I had your book in my hand for about 20 seconds that I decided I would buy it... I'm sure there are many other excellent books on Java out there but not for beginners like me.

Allow me to congratulate you on a superbly written book. I specially like your discussions about classes and objects among other things.

I already downloaded your package and all the programs and they work great.—Gene Rodriguez

I bought your book (Java Programming From The Beginning) to teach myself Java. I'm extremely pleased with it so far! You have a fantastic ability to organize and present the information in a very easy to understand manner. I took Fortran programming over a decade ago and dabbled a little with Basic before that, so I am essentially a programming novice. I wish I'd had a text of this quality for those efforts. This book was definitely worth the purchase (although the final test will be whether I can translate the knowledge into earnings).—Anna Kinney
I really love your has been a lifesaver to me. I am taking a correspondence class to learn Java, and they make many assumptions that you have programming experience. Your book has cleared up much of my confusion.—J. Dillan
I have recently purchased your book on Java Programming. It is an excellent introduction to programming. The solid foundation in Java (and objects for that matter) will serve the reader no matter what aspect of Java they want to pursue. It also serves well as a stepping stone to other object oriented languages. I especially appreciate the lack of "hype" in the book. Strong fundamental programming advice has helped me to not feel overwhelmed by the scope of what I'm trying to learn. I just wanted to thank you.—Derek Truesdell

Your text on Java is an excellent text for beginning Java programmers, as is your text on C programming.—Victor Kamat
I just wanted to let you know that your books C Programming: A Modern Approach and Java Programming: From the Beginning are phenomenally great. Your style of explaining things is simply the best. Keep up the outstanding work.—Dr. Jeffry Padin, The Aerospace Corporation
At this moment, I am reading through your book on Java programming from the beginning and I must say that I have yet to come across such a " teacher." I was in search for such a one, for some time. Since I am a self learner believing in self learning rather than attending the tuition, your book is a great help for this purpose. It's very friendly, helping to get to the fundamentals very well and above all very simple keeping all the fancy jargon out. Thank you again for bringing out such a wonderful book.—Jagdish Naik
I am currently studying for my Java certification, and have no other programming experience. I have studied other programming books and have found your book Java Programming: From the Beginning to be the best by far. I think most other books assume their readers have programmed in other languages. Your book explains it like I have been hoping someone could, to the point with no details left uncovered. Java programming is less of a mystery for me because of it. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your book.—Steve Spellacy
I'm glad I purchased this book. I brought it to my Java I class this week and the instructor was so impressed with it that he will make it the required textbook starting next semester.—Paul D'Amelio
I wanted to applaud you on your approach in Java Programming: From the Beginning. I am a programmer in M (Mumps), a text based medical language, similar to Basic. In an effort to change career directions, I picked up your book on Java, and although the beginning chapter was too simplistic for me, I think it the book does a wonderful job of gently easing a non-object oriented programmer into the intricacies of Java.

I'm recommending your book to other M programmers, as well as non-programmer friends who are interested in learning Java. It is such a nice approach I don't worry that it would intimidate non-programmers.—DeAnn McDaniel

The book is outstanding. I am a web application developer that has come to Java via Active Server Pages, so I know it is a rarity to find a book so well written and fun to discover. Actually, my wife is also a developer and she walks around the house grumbling and telling me to hurry up and finish it because I have been raving about it since I got it, and she wants to read it.—Christopher Cyvas
I am attempting to learn Java on my own and I have been impressed with your book, Java Programming From the Beginning. It is very easy to understand.—Dan Obergfell
Even as a picky technical writer, I'm enjoying your book immensely.—Jason Ulibarri
I would like to congratulate you on putting so much time and effort into a fantastic book, and I spend much time reading it and learning and enjoy the experience.—Thomas Gullen
I am a beginner BEGINNER: a beginner programmer and a beginner Java student. Your book is making it easy for me to learn Java and I am enjoying it immensely.—Brenda Cameron
You probably don't remember me, but I took an introductory Java course this past summer which utilized your book, Java Programming: From the Beginning. I ended up finishing with an A in the course, and I went on to take an Advanced Java course at the same community college. I was then able to get an A in that course as well, and I just received my Sun Microsystems Java 2 Programmer certification. I wanted to thank you, since your book, I feel, had a lot to do with my success in learning the Java language over the past several months.

The Advanced Java course began using a book by the Wrox publishing company, and almost all of the students that used your book during the summer said how it was much better. I especially liked Chapter 9, which explained primitive types very well. I actually referred to the "shift" operator in your book during my study for the certification exam, since I couldn't understand the "Cert Book's" interpretation.—Ricardo Rodriguez

Your book on Java is by far the best one I've seen yet. I'm only on Chapter 2 but I'm very confident it will help me in my self study mode.—Warren E. Del Guidice
I have just read your book on Java programming, and I wish you could write a similar book on C++! It was very well written, and quite easy to grasp.—Fabio Cenci
Please write a second book on Java (Part 2). Your books are truly fantastic.—Patrick Kellogg
I have very much enjoyed reading your book Java Programming: From the Beginning. It is very well explained and certainly a lot of help to the millions of students who must have gained a solid grounding in Java from it.—Mujeeb Siddiqui
Today I went to the library to find out what kind of books were out there to teach myself Java. After seeing the most popular titles and after comparing them to your book I must say that your book really stands out from the crowd (and I promise to buy a copy of it!)—Daniel Montano
I have had the very good fortune of finding a copy of your Java Programming: From the Beginning at my ever surprising library in Spartanburg, South Carolina. And I must say that I have gained greatly from this text. Your writing style is excellent, and the coverage is very thorough. Thank you for your many hours of hard work!—Bob Rayhawk
I must confess I have never understood what Java was until Wednesday, 26th of November, 2003. ... A friend at uni called Jason prescribed this book for me to buy. I went ahead and ordered it. I started reading it from this Wednesday, and I have to give a lot of thanks to you for your book. It is absolutely fantastic. No Java book as of now could match the step by step explanation of all points I have read so far. For that reason I have fallen in love with this book. I have also recommended it to other colleaques of mine who are willing to buy one. Thank you very much.—Ernest Thompson, London

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